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Kickboxing is a combat sport of boxing feet and fists , born in Japan after the Tokyo Olympics in 1964 with the hit live knees ( no entry) . This sport comes from the fusion of two ancient arts: boxing and karate kyokushinkai .

Kickboxing develop and combine multiple physical and mental qualities within ethical values (respect for the opponent, rules, etc...).It can be practiced for fun or in competition under the sports rules (WAKO, etc.) permetting  to express  fully in compliance with the values and integrity of practitioners.

Kickboxing can be practiced in competition in different styles :

  • on the ring : Low-kick, Full-contact, K1-Rules ;
  • on tatamis : light-contact, Kick light, Point Fighting, K1-Rules Light, Aérokick

Kickboxing has a keen interest in all audiences: adults (women and men) and children from an early age. It implements multiple physical and mental qualities within the framework of ethical values (respect of the adversary, rules, etc.).

The Kickboxing practiced in Monegasque Kickboxing Federation is internationally recognized:

Logo FEDE FMK 2016 200The Internationale Monaco Académie of Kickboxing, Muaythaï and Krav-Maga is affiliated to :

The Monegasque Kickboxing Federation
Approved by the Monaco Governement and recognized by the monegasque Olympic Committee
7, rue Suffren Reymond - MC 98000 Monaco - Principauté de Monaco 
Tel. +377 (0)6 07 93 31 36  www.federation-kick-boxing.mc :

Teaching at the International Monaco Academy of Kickboxing, Muaythaï and Krav-Maga :

  • An art of living and well being for adults!

  • Excellent educational activity for teenagers and children from 3 years old!

Is led technically, assisted by his graduate team, by Claude Pouget :

  • Professor graduate of State Kickboxing, 8th Degree black belt (WAKO-FFKMDA)
  • Expert for the monegasque (FMK) and french (FFKMDA) and internationale federation (WAKO)
  • National Responsible for Kickboxing Graduation in Monaco and in Provence Alpes Cote d'Azur
    (see diplomas)

practice Kickboxing in Monaco go to The International Monaco Academy of Kickboxing, Muaythaï and Krav-Maga("go").

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The benefits of Kickboxing for adults (women and men) and teenagers from 14 yrs

Kickboxing is an effective kick and punch  fighting sport. The techniques taught are practiced by men, women, children. The learning and progression is fast and technics are simple. Teaching is taught in a context of legitimate defence and with simple methodes, accessible to all.

This discipline is taught at all levels (training by groups and workshops) including specific physical preparation for everyone. It will improve Your tone and muscle strengthening. It is not necessary to bu supple or in an exceptional physical condition.

Optimise your physical and mental capacities, evacuate your stress, lash out in all safety. It is practiced with full and adapted padding and present no risks.

The Kickboxing, taught at the academy, will strengthen the mastery and self-confidence within the framework of ethical values: an art of living and well-being

Benefits for teenager and kids for 3 years old

For teenagers and kids from 5 yrs old, they will learn and will practise the educational Kick boxing which presents of numerous benefactions: overcome the shyness or channel the energy; improve the concentration; consolidate the self-confidence; taste for the discipline, the activity and the effort in a group; improve the physical control (flexibility, etc.) in the respect for the ethical values. An excellent educational activity.

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