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The Monegasque Federation of Kick Boxing was established on November 30 2001 (Journal of Monaco dated December 28, 2001)

The Monegasque Federation of Kick Boxing is :

  • Accreditated Monaco Government (equivalent to the Delegation in France) by Ministerial Order n ° 2011-561 of 14 October 2011 (Journal of Monaco, dated October 21, 2011)
  • Recognized by the Monegasque Olympic Committee (PDF)
  • Partner Peace And Sport

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  • Affiliated to the
    • European Federation ( WAKO EUROPE : World Association of Kick Boxing Organizations Europe), 
    • Amateur International (WAKO : World Association of Kick Boxing Organizations)
  • Partner with "WAKO PRO : World Association of Kick Boxing Organizations"

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 The Monegasque Kickboxing Federation is Managed by his executive Committee

The Committee of Honour
Honorary Member: Mrs Cecile GELABALE


Executive Board
The Executive Board is composed as follows:
President : Mr Claude POUGET
Vice-President : Mrs Cecile GELABALE

Vice-President : Mrs Félicia POUGET
General Secretary : Mr Thomas BREZZO
General treasurer : Mrs Jocelyne Fautrier Bellone

National Technical Direction
National Technical Director : Mr Claude POUGET
Technical advisor : Mr Thomas BREZZO



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