Chauss'fight (associated discipline)

Created in 2007, Chauss’fight is a percussion combat sport inspired by chausson marseillais, an ancient combat practice that first appeared in the south of France in the 19th century.

Chauss’fight is a fist-and-foot boxing style, in which the opponent is hit or kicked with shoe-covered feet and shins, as well as with gloved fists.

The different forms of Chauss’fight are combat, technical assault and non-contact.

  • Fighting allows boxers to engage in a form of full-contact, safe confrontation. To take part in combat, you must be at least 18 years old and have passed the usual medical examinations.
  • “Technical” boxing enables boxers to oppose each other by emphasizing their body language and avoiding powerful blows on impact.
  • “Non-contact” boxing is reserved for young children. It’s a form of playful, technical opposition, with no touching of the opponent allowed.