Pancrace (associated discipline)

Pancrace, which comes from the term “pankration” or “pankratos”, is a contact sport from the ancient Olympic Games, whose name means “all-out force” or “all-out power”. All controlled foot, fist, knee and elbow techniques are permitted. Face striking is authorized under certain conditions, depending on the category. All projection techniques are authorized, but without deliberately crushing the opponent with the aim of hurting him. The fight is won by knockout, by the opponent’s withdrawal or, if the fight goes to its conclusion, by the judges’ decision.

Although strikes are allowed, the most prestigious way to win a fight is to obtain the opponent’s abandonment by performing a lock or choke.

Pancrach has been brought up to date, with rules adapted to today’s society, and is defined as the ultimate discipline, as its followers must know and be able to implement all the techniques of combat, whether standing or on the ground: working standing up over several distances, knowing the projections and various landings on the ground and control work on the ground, countering, etc.

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